uncompromising and fully professional

That was the vision of the brand and also our first impression from early briefings. Solarsil is a company with a clear goal: to bring new quality into the young Polish photovoltaics market, based on the owner’s experience and knowledge. Convincing us was fairly easy but our goal was to translate these values into effective brand image.

foundations in strong personality

Our idea was to emphasize an image different from the rest of the impersonal and cold construction market.

We strengthened the brand’s message by combining it with the owner and the team beside him.
When a brand is enriched with a face/gets a face, history and personality, customers clearly understand where the experience and quality come from, and who makes that quality come true/enforce that quality.


end product

During our cooperation we provided Solarsil with a wide range of branding and design services. We built the website with detailed content based on extensive research; we executed portrait photo-session, created printed and online materials, press and outdoor advertising along with dedicated landing pages.

As a result, business is dynamically developing and we are glad that we could help foster a company with strong values and positive impact on the environment. 

case studies


The task comprised the design and implementation of an in-store, straightforward and tangible product showroom.


Our intense effort directed at building brand awareness paid off and we were greenlighted for stronger promotion of SodaStream’s brand...


Dynamic eye-level message perfectly focuses pedestrian and traveler attention.


We prepared a comprehensive asset package for the awareness campaign, including images, landing pages and video.


The goal was to build a comprehensive yet approachable website that informs about ACTIVATE research project.