Braun’s wide recognition as shaver, hair-styler and epilator producer dedicated to timeless design calls for an original and quality product display.

The chellenge

The task comprised the design and implementation of an in-store, straightforward and tangible product showroom. The consumers were to easily pick up and remember the benefits coming from Braun appliance.

Comprehensive and approachable?

The end result is a clean and extensive website with plenty of data thoughtfully broken up in order to avoid walls of text.

Beacon tech-based system recognizes which product was lifted by the consumer and video playback is triggered.

The video presentation covers technology, design and usability of Braun shavers, stylers and epilators.

The result? Not only does one touch the product, but they also understand better Braun’s edge.

More than display

Combination of physical contact with the product, with extended video presentation, enables easier picking up and remembering and comparing its features to those of competition.

The proposed solution comprised:

– design and implementation of display furniture

– design of beacon-based interactive system

– design and production of multimedia software

– remote maintenance and updates

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