bw concept

what do we believe in?

people potential

We believe in the potential of each and every member of our team. So we treat each other with respect and give ourselves space to grow and challenge.

“At BW Concept, I value a positive feedback after job well done. This approach has good effect on the atmosphere on the team and pushes me to grow and work effectively. ”
Dominika Wierzbicka, junior developer
trust and responsibility

We trust our team members to be responsible for the effects of our work. We found out that independence drives reliability, and reliability creates quality.

“It's good to feel, that we respect each other in the team. I can trust, that the company treats me well, so I can easily focus on the work. I also appreciate flexibility and opportunity to work independently according to my know-how.”
Piotr Kurek, project manager
clarity and simplicity

Every rule and every process is established in order to make the work easier and more effective. Thanks to that, we can focus on things that are important.


We wove new technologies, platforms, methods and ideas into our workflow – not only to raise our efficiency, but also because we are passionate about innovation.

how do we work?

We learn workflow, characteristics and needs of our clients, so we can adapt our procedures, not enforce them. That’s because, we are convinced that our job is not to complicate your job.

You will be in contact permanently with one dedicated manager responsible for the effects of our cooperation, whose goal will be to learn your business inside out and help you achieve your goals.

Your dedicated manager will guide a selected team of specialists to work on assigned tasks. We are aiming at minimizing rotation, so over time you will be working with a trusted and experienced group of talented people.

We impose order on reality through project management software. Beside this, we cloud storage your projects and use numerous communication platforms to keep in touch. And you have access to all of that in a degree that serves your needs.

We help you with establishing an efficient workflow that encompasses ordering, briefing, checking progress, reviewing, accepting, paying for and archiving our work. All in sync with your needs.

You can access the history of work you ordered, not only the final outcome, but also accounting details and discussions regarding the task. So you don’t have to ask for some old assets or insights, when you need them.