SodaStream is an ecological brand of sparkling water makers with a replaceable CO2 cylinder exchange network. With the specificity of SodaStream’s business model in mind, we’d been running online campaigns directed at resellers and helping to build awareness of the CO2 cylinder distribution methods.


Our intense effort directed at building brand awareness paid off and we were greenlighted for stronger promotion of SodaStream’s brand own e-commerce. This time our goal was to raise sales on SodaStream e-commerce.

Extensive market background check covered competitors prices survey, product reception listening and website analytics. On top of that, the online shop was tested against its technical capabilities. As a result, we were able to design a campaign that was:

  • attractive for clients
  • easy to do
  • failure-free

We made consistency throughout all materials priority. For clarity about terms of promotion, we placed relevant communication in all necessary contexts.

Bubbles go up

E-commerce systems provided us with extensive data, which allowed for designing precise Facebook campaigns, which earned a high average ROAS of 8.08.

Data Is the New Oil

The campaigns were designed to reach new audiences, who were in the market for a sparkling water maker or accessories. The number of conversions called a definitive success. Additionally, we collected useful information for upcoming retargeting campaigns, lookalike audiences, etc.

It was the perfect first step to another, even more effective actions.


The goal was to build a comprehensive yet approachable website that informs about ACTIVATE research project.


Braun’s wide recognition as shaver, hair-styler and epilator producer dedicated to timeless design calls for an original and quality product display.