Sprint to the goal

 Our goal was quick promotion of new face masks and thermoactive chimneys in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Poland.

We also wanted to educate clients that the new products can be bought on Martes online shop, and not on the brand’s own BODYDRY website.


We prepared a comprehensive asset package for the awareness campaign, including images, landing pages and video.


No burning budget

In the second phase of the campaign, we tested which category of new products is more promising. Based on data coming from the pilot campaigns run on FB and Google Ads, we were able to improve our strategy.

Our data shows that conversion costs tend to be lower in Google, but the campaign for BODYDRY is a good example why we cannot underestimate the holy Grail of all marketers: testing. The results below:

Results of our campaign:

Second round

Thanks to use of a reliable pilot campaign, we were able to achieve significantly better results by focusing on promotion of chimneys, done mainly on Facebook.

With a wide set of assets at hand, we quickly determined the best way to get through to customers, thus saving our client’s money. We got this knowledge quickly, saved a lot of money and showed commercial potential for each of the new product lines.


The goal was to build a comprehensive yet approachable website that informs about ACTIVATE research project.


Braun’s wide recognition as shaver, hair-styler and epilator producer dedicated to timeless design calls for an original and quality product display.