The goal was to build a comprehensive yet approachable website that informs about ACTIVATE research project conducted by Silesian University of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Agriculture in Krakow and LOGE Polska Sp. z o.o. company.


Objective of the project is to develop technology which aims to solve the challenges of fueling an engine with ammonia. An effort with great benefits on fighting the climate crisis.

Comprehensive and approachable?

That was our main challenge. Website audience would consist of both the science community and just regular people with interest in the project. How to approach the topic without dumbing it down and still making it understandable?

First, we ourselves had to understand it correctly, only then we started to work on writing, information structure, charts redesign to make it all work.


The end result is a clean and extensive website with plenty of data thoughtfully broken up in order to avoid walls of text.

Website leans heavily on lightweight and dynamic content, which drives user focus and helps to build accessible narration about the project: its goals, background, research structure and more.


The goal was to build a comprehensive yet approachable website that informs about ACTIVATE research project.


Braun’s wide recognition as shaver, hair-styler and epilator producer dedicated to timeless design calls for an original and quality product display.


Wrap advertising, that is vehicle wrapping, is mostly associated with cars. However train wrapping may surpass it when it comes to surprise element, while strong, dynamic eye-level message perfectly focuses pedestrian and traveler attention.


Our goal was quick promotion of new face masks and thermoactive chimneys in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Poland.


With the specificity of SodaStream’s business model in mind, we’d been running online campaigns directed at resellers and helping to build awareness of the CO2 cylinder distribution methods.